Choosing Your Colors

Choosing Color

Have no natural color ability?

Can’t decide on color?

Like a color but you can’t imagine what goes with it?

 For a dynamic Rug Hooking you need -light, medium, and dark values to make your hooking have some line definition and contrast. Contrast will bring emphasis to the design and values will make items recede or come forward.

Select  any magazine, photo, artwork or image that appeals to you ignore the content,only look at the colors. Pick the main colors in the photo with a light medium and dark. Don't pick every color unless you want a collage of color.

You can use your computer to help you if you need assistance. Color Schemer Studio or a similar app can help you. After selecting a computer image, for example a photo, drag and drop your image onto the screen. The app will select various points in the picture and show them on a paint chip. You can also specify if you want a certain number of colors identified. Move the points to different areas to identify colors in that image.

Here is a Photo I took in Luberon France with colors I love.I have selected to view 7 colors, in a variety of light,medium and dark colors.

You can see the color strip which appears with your selected colors. Use this to make a list of colors needed for that project. I like this and created this  pattern Luberon Doorway.

Enjoy color, it is very forgiving- in nature you find all colors together


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