FAQ's about ePatterns

Are these ePatterns hard to put together?

No, remember to follow the instructions provided. Let your printer PRINT ALL THE SHEETS for your pattern, before you remove them from the tray. They will be in order from your printer. If you cannot tape them right away, paperclip them together and do it when convenient. Pages range from 1-20 depending on your chosen pattern.

What if I have no printer?

Print it elsewhere, put it on a jump drive and print on any inkjet or laser printer.

I like a pattern but I don't want that size, what do I do?

We try to make a variety of sizes, but we cannot produce every item in every size as some designs will be too detailed to reduce, rendering them impossible to hook. However you can reduce the size of the patterns. Change the 100% size output on your printer to a smaller percentage. Follow your printer's instructions. Be aware the trace lines will also decrease in size accordingly. Enlarging will produce an incomplete pattern -  therefor causing distortion. There are print/copy services out there available for enlarging, if you must enlarge.

How do I combine a border if I want one?

Choose a Border that compliments your ePattern and download it. The Borders are designed to fit end to end. Trace these on Red Dot and make them as long as you need, add a Corner to turn the corner if need be.

Can I have a custom pattern designed by you?

Not at this time, as your custom design may be cost prohibitive. Keep in mind we are adding new patterns frequently.

Can I display my hooked rug in a contest or show?

Yes please do, providing you attribute the design to Rug Renaissance.

Can I Share my ePattern with my Friends?

The purchase agreement for any of our ePatterns is a single user for each purchase. See copyright Policy. The ePatterns are copyrighted designs and are not to be photocopied, shared by eMails or uploaded to other sites without our express permission. They are for your personal use only.