How to Assemble Your ePattern

Printing your ePattern

Download your ePattern, open in Adobe Reader and click on the print feature in your computer.

If your print preview has the option -choose the "print in Black and White ink saving" feature, as ALL FILES ARE CREATED IN BLACK INK ONLY.

Wait until all pages are printed before removing them from the tray. THIS WILL ENSURE THE PAGES ARE IN THE PROPER ORDER.

You may have 1 page or 20 pages but the Assembly process remains the same.

Assembling your Rug Renaissance ePattern

Tools Needed:

Ink Jet or Laser Printer

Stack of 8 1/2 X 11 paper to suit your project



Permanent Fine Point Marker



 Just follow these simple instructions:Pages lay from left to right in consecutive rows ending with the lower right corner.(Photo 1)

Once all your pages are all printed, lay them out on a flat surface. THE FIRST PAGE IS UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER. All pages have a1/4 inch allowance to help you piece them together.(Photo 2)


In this photo the next page will then be in the upper right location. (Photo 3), If there are multiple pages in the first row continue placing from left to right. Once the placement of the first row is complete, continue with the placement in sequence of any other rows (Photo 4) 

Use scissors to trim the white 1/4 inch of the right hand side of the first sheet. (Photo 5) On next page mark 1/4 inch with pencil on the left hand side. (Photo 6)

Draw a line with the ruler. Use this line to line up first sheet to meet this edge making a precise match. (Photo 7) Tape in place. (Photo 8) After first row is complete move to next row.

 Repeat the process, taping as you go.(Photo 9) After rows are completed line them up. (Photo 10)

Trim the row across (Photo 11) Line up and match the lines.(Photo 12)


 Tape in place to secure.(Photo 13)


You Rug Renaissance pattern is now complete and ready for transfer!