Transferring Completed ePatterns to Red Dot

Transferring your Rug Renaissance ePattern for Tracing


Red Dot, (Tru-grid or sheer netting ) in a size to accommodate your completed pattern

Black Permanent Marker (Fine Tip)

Masking Tape


Place assembled pattern on your working surface and tape sides at intervals to hold it in place. (Photo 13)

Place Red Dot over pattern to cover area. (Photo 14)


Smooth out and line up the red dots onto a straight edge of your pattern. this ensures you traced pattern remains straight. (Photo 16) Tape in place.(Photo 17)


Trace pattern outline carefully onto red dot with permanent marker. (Photo 18)

Your pattern is now ready to place on foundation fabric for hooking. (Photo19)

Tracing Transferred pattern onto Foundation Fabric


Traced pattern

Permanent marker

Foundation fabric - linen, burlap monk's cloth

masking tape

straight edge


Layout prepared foundation fabric and find straight of grain. (Photo 20). Tape to surface. (Photo 21)


Line up red dots with the straight of grain on your fabric, use salvage edge if possible, if not pull 1 thread on the edge to find your straight of grain. (Photo 22)

Tape in place to keep smooth.  Trace over your same lines with fine tip permanent marker. This will cause bleed through to mark your foundation fabric. (Photo 23)

Your pattern is now on the linen ready for hooking! Normally it is very visible but If it is faint on the foundation fabric darken the faint lines if need be.