A Draft Dodger Template

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A Free Draft Dodger Rug Hooking Template.

Size 17" x 38"

Downloadable pdf ePattern

Prints on personal home printer

Instructions for Draft Dodgers to keep out those doorway drafts.

Select you free template and your Draft Dodger of choice. Print out.

Allow extra foundation fabric around template for using your hoop or Hooking Frame.

Trace out Template on your linen or foundation fabric of choice.. Seam allowance of 1/2" is shown on template.

All sewing is done on the innermost sew line.

Your Rug Renaissance pattern of choice is then transferred onto your fabric butting up to the triangle shapes on each side.

Hook as usual.

After all Hooking is completed, zig zag raw edges near the seam allowances and trim away excess fabric.

Using strong thread hand sew the triangle edges first along the sew line.

Then sew the long edge leaving a opening for stuffing. If you want it weighted at the base use a knee high with rice and tie with a knot. Stuff firmly so it sits along you door